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Are all your desktops, servers and the applications running on them fully up to date in terms of security patches?

Finding out the answer to this question can be very onerous and time consuming. Deploying the required patches can be even more of a headache. The rate at which patches are being released by software vendors is phenomenal - there is an endless cycle of review, patch, review required to keep up.

The consequences of not keeping up can be dire, with complete system compromise and total loss of data possible (depending on the effectiveness of your backup and disaster recovery procedures).

On occasion the security patches themselves can cause issues, so some care is required when deploying patches to mission critical systems.

Some of the major vendors, such as Microsoft, have a well developed and largely automated patching process. However, you may be surprised at the number of applications and utilities installed on your systems that are not covered in this way. In many instances you are probably not even aware that they are there, particularly if you do not have a formal desktop configuration management process in place.

This is a problem crying out for automation and a number of solutions are available. We can help you select a solution appropriate to your needs, whether it's simply to use Microsofts automated update or whether you require a more comprehensive solution such as St Bernards Software's UpdateEXPERT™. Expede can help you set up patch management using any of the mainstream solutions, we also offer patch management as a managed service on a fixed charge per device basis.